Kennedy Septic Tank Service, Incorporated is family owned and operated.  It was established in 1981 by Ronald A. (Tony) Kennedy Jr., as a sole proprietorship.

Our company began with fourteen older (Olympic style) fiberglass units and a 1969 Ford F-600 septic tank truck that Tony’s deceased grandfather had worked with in years past. We were the first portable toilet provider to open business in the Clarksville area. We now provide portable toilets in Nashville and surrounding areas. Tony and I worked alone in the company for several years.

The company slowly grew by providing services for local contractor’s, the City of Clarksville, and was awarded what was considered a large account providing services for TennesseeValley Authority at the steam plant located in Cumberland City, Tennessee.  We were also awarded the contract to service government owned facilities located on the Fort Campbell Military Installation.  As time went on,  Tony started submitting bids, and was awarded contracts for other TVA plants and several government installations.  By the beginning of 1993,  the proprietorship was working in the following six  states:  Tennessee, Kentucky, Alabama, Arkansas, Georgia and North Carolina. (including a contract for the delivery, servicing and removal of eleven-hundred portable toilets for the Fort Bragg Military Installation). In January 2006, to compliment the field sanitation services, our company began offering services in the solid waste sector of the industry by providing roll-off containers for construction debris.

To date, we have assisted in multiple disaster relief effort to include (but not limited to) Hurricane Katrina (Mississippi), Hurricane Ike (Texas), May 2010 Flood (Tennessee) and have worked in states reaching as far as Wyoming and Minnesota.

The incorporation is women-owned and manages in excess of four-thousand portable toilets, and has a local fleet of over thirty trucks to accomplish the task of delivery and servicing the portable toilets.  The company also provides service holding tanks (300 gallon), septic tanks, sewer lift stations and sump pumps.

We are capable of handling projects that require in excess of a thousand portable restrooms.  We use only top of the line equipment and products.  All equipment is less than three years old.

We are confident in stating that “we have a strong diverse work force”, of whom we are proud.  Our primary goal in this company is to establish close working relations with our clients to provide the best service possible using the industry standard as our guideline. After years of hard work and determination we have grown and continue to grow daily.  Tony and I are proud to announce that our son Corey has taken an active leadership role and joined us in personally overseeing all aspects of the company’s operations.

It has been a pleasure to share our company history with you. If you should have any questions, please feel free to contact us.